Throwing A Fastpitch In Softball

Are you interested in learning how to throw a fast pitch in softball? If yes, then this space is the right means for you to get started. Often it is noticed that people who randomly watch a game for the first time and instantly are hooked onto it. Or else, young kids watch it along their peers and enjoy it, hence, wish either to know more about it out of passion for learning or simply to boost around their friends. Either ways, this article gives away basic and helpful information on the topic, making you a knowledgeable person on this topic post one read.

throw in softball

Art That Can Be Mastered

The thing about softball is that it has some simple techniques related to pitching, batting etc., which is similar to baseball pitches techniques. However, some people have a wrong impression that it is a hard game to master. The truth is otherwise because with practice and proper understanding of the game, you can master it. All you need is a perfect blend of accuracy, strength and control to throw a fast pitch and it is commendable find young kids including girls willing to learn it.

Fastpitch Mechanics

If you are interested in fastpitch mechanics, here are some of the mechanics related to the game discussed below. It may give you some ideas on a trick or two to use it in your game.

Holding the Ball

It is very important to start practicing on how you hold the ball. It should kept between two or three fingers, trying to make a horseshoe shape kind of figure. Of course, your hand size becomes the judge of the number of fingers you use to hold the ball. If your hand is large, you will be comfortable using lesser fingers and it is fine, do not use all fingers for the sake of it, as it would generate immense discomfort and lead to little or no control.

Foot Movement

Just as how you need to work through your hands and fingers for better throwing, your foot movement is also very important. You should start by placing your dominant foot on the pitcher’s plate and the toes going a little ahead of the plate. You can rest the other food and it should be slightly on the back edge. The distance between the feed should be lesser than the shoulder’s width. You need to get your stance right, very important among the tips on hitting in softball so that you get your balance right.

Standing Posture

While you stand, do so in a manner that your arms are by your sides and stomach is facing the catcher. Raise the heel of the back foot; strike a balance by placing more weight on the stronger foot than the other one. This is one of the few ideal positions for throwing in a softball.

Throwing the Ball

When you throw a ball, start by generating a forward and backward arm movement. Transfer all your body weight on the back foot, bring your arms forward and of course use a glove to hold the ball together. Certainly, the added benefit of using a glove is that the batter will not know how you are holding the ball and prevent from having a sneak peek. This is where your pitching arm comes into play, rotate it nice firstly pointing it towards the catcher and release it. Let it release with a firm snap along the wrist ensuing your body is facing the catcher.

Fast Pitch Drills

throw in softball

Speed Circles

Get into a stride position, keep the shoulders relaxed, rotate them nice and release the ball as fast as possible. This will work on your arm speed, enhance it and be in line with shoulder height as well as the target. Practice this drill at least 10 times in a go and for three sets, first set, arm rotation should be thrice, second set should be 2 rotations and last set should have only one rotation.

Wall Throwing

Stand as close to the wall as possible, rotate your arm and pitch the ball normally to the wall ensuring it is as fast as possible. Repeat this drill at least 5 times in a row, start by 5 pitches using maximum speed, and shifting it a little bit. Continue until you find yourself losing a bit of quickness, the result is speed enhancement and getting better at reaction time.


This article gives you a decent insight on how to prepare yourself better to throw a fast pitch in softball. You need religious training and practice to get on the top, could be difficult but not impossible.

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