Rules & Regulations Associated With Softball

Softball like any other sport, works on a prescribed set of rules and regulations. These rules sometimes change based on the pitch as well. For instance, if we are looking at softball set up, the rules and regulations for it are going to change the setup, players placement, pitching, game duration and batting to some extent. If you are looking for rules and regulations associated with softball, you on the right page. Here, you get some tips on hitting in softball and other important information.

History of Softball

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Softball goes back in time, making its mark in Chicago. George Hancock gave this game a new perspective and understanding. Today, it has become a very popular offering among the people of the U.S. Though it is similar to baseball, it has its own identity and a few aspects of the game that make softball different from baseball. For instance, the size of the ball used in softball is relatively larger compared to that of baseball. Certainly, they make use of pitches than going in for overhand. The rules also depend on the number of players exist on the team, participation and their skills.


The general requirement of softball is a set of 10 players. At times, some teams may also come with 8 or 9 players. Playing ground divides into two parts, one is infield and the other is outfield. You can see three infield bases and there is a base defender at each one of them. Left field, right and center fielders operate on the outer field. This game is a 7-inning game that goes on up to an hour duration.


Pitcher steps up the rubber in the infield using either his or her field. There are minor differences between the softball pitches and baseball pitches. In this game, the pitcher is allowed to take only one-step towards forward and is asked to pitch the ball underhand instead of going overhand. While ready to go for the pitching, pitcher must ensure that both the hands are on the ball.


The batter has the freedom to go for three strikes until his name is called out. The name gets called out when the fly ball gets caught or when he batter is not standing in the batter box. These are primarily the two situations under which the batters name is called out. Unlike baseball where many opt for wooden bats, in softball the batters mostly rely on bats made of either composites or aluminum. In this game, the governing associations monitor the bats before the game begins, mostly the umpires are designated with such a task.


Runners are expected to touch each base while running and do so in order. The ball needs to be hit first and only then can the base runners move from their spot. Once hit, the base runners can only move past the first base and not the other bases. If the ball gets caught, the runner tags the occupied base before moving forward. One needs to make sure that one base runner cannot overtake the other one. Some fast-pitch leagues allow stealing from one base to another, but this is not common in all softball games. If the runners are 3 feet away from the baseline, they are tagged out of the game.


So, how does it work in a fast pitch? The name says it all; the pitch is generally faster than the normal pitch. The speed can go up to 60-70 miles per hour. The field in this pitch includes smaller dimensions and the distance between the center field and home fiend is around 200 feet. As stated earlier, stealing bases is allowed in this game format. For security reasons, a mask, throat protector and a helmet is a must in this game format.


Some people find the rules and regulations of softball a bit complex and hard to comprehend. But, above-mentioned paragraphs are the simplified versions, helping you get a better understanding of the game. Certainly, with any game, it takes time to settle with the format, this one too, once you get it right, you can start to master it. Though it works on the same lines of baseball, there are some significant differences, which add its own flavor to the game.

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