Repairing Your Baseball Gloves

In games such as baseball and softball a glove would be a tool that players would spend exorbitant amounts of time using, breaking in and protecting. However, eventually every glove faces a time where its lace would snap or a ball gets broken through the webbing, and the last thing any player would want to start fresh by throwing out his or her well-conditioned glove.

In a sense your fielding glove would be an extension for you, but time would come where your glove would require the much needed process of repair. Softball and baseball glove restoration is something that can be done by any player simply after following the instructions in the guide. Here you’ll learn the right ways to repair your best baseball glove and conditioning it for a perfect match.

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Before we discuss about the instructions to do the same, we must have a look at the many benefits of doing this job all by yourself:

  • The job is surely simpler than you might assume it to be.
  • It saves you from the pain of your baseball glove separation, as there isn’t any need to send it away for getting fixed.
  • The process is simple and quick and shouldn’t consume more than 20 to 30 minutes of your total time.
  • Here you’ll also get to save on large costs too.
  • Your glove appears like new and fresh pieces as any wear and tear sign would easily get eradicated.
  • Here the best part thing is that these services can also be provided to your friends and other players for making extra money for yourself.

What Your Require – Repairing Tools

Re-lacing glove would be something that needs to be done in just few hours. It’s true that while the first few times you do it, re-lacing can be of one of the more complicated types of baseball and softball glove repair. However, you’ll later on become more comfortable with the process after getting the process done at a time or two. You will require a number of tools for re-lacing your glove in the right manner:

Laces – These would generally come in lengths of 72 inches and also a typical glove would require around 3-4 laces. So if you’re re-lacing a trapeze glove, catcher’s glove, first basemen’s mitt or modified trapeze glove, you’ll require more. Normally six would get the job done.



Grooved straight-lace needle or U-wire

These items can be found in the glove accessories section of the baseball items store.

How Can You Lace A Baseball Glove

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It’s completely fine if you don’t have any idea about repairing a baseball glove. The process really isn’t much daunting as it might seem. With these simple steps your gloves would get re-laced and repaired without taking much time:

Before removing older ripped or broken laces, you can take pictures or draw diagrams of the glove through multiple angles so you don’t have to get lost in the process. So if this is the first time you are re-lacing the love, you must immediately re-lace it so you don’t get lost. You have to do this after replacing and removing one lace, one hole at one time.

Once all the laces are removed, you can apply conditioner to the glove, especially on the regions between fingers and other difficult areas to get. You need to make sure to work conditioner to the whole glove, even on the inside, but you’ll have to be sure for using it sparingly.

Before beginning with the re-lacing process, apply conditioner on laces for helping them make easily through the holes. This also becomes simpler on the fingers.

On one lace end, you can take punch and make small hole. You can stick one side of your u-wire needle through the hole and also tie knot at opposite lace side.

Lacing must be started with the strongest area, which generally is the palm area.

A true player would only emotionally know the importance of a baseball glove in the game. For the game, the glove would be the extended part without which the players feel incomplete. Most of the players in the field have their favorite glove and also enjoy the confidence and the comfort that they feel after wearing. For the ensuring the better quality and a long life to the glove, it needs to be properly maintained.

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