How To Have Perfect Baseball Swings

Getting a perfect swing for the baseball game is the key thing to learn for graduating to Major League. Just scroll down for learning techniques for developing a great baseball swing. It is the dream of every small baseball player to graduate to Major League and establish his mark as match winning big hitter. For baseball lovers there isn’t any larger dream than getting a proper baseball swing that has hits for the winning home runs! For getting successful in their dreams players have to learn a lot about the science of a perfect baseball swing.

Getting the right type of baseball swing would be somewhat easy and can be complex too. Teaching someone the right baseball hitting technique doesn’t ask for many efforts. However, it would take many years to honing and developing the skills and sound, quick and effective baseball swing.

Different Ways For Developing Perfect Swing

improve your baseball swing

As due to the different stances and set ups, there are a number of ways for the right way to hit the baseball. However once the hitter gets to the point of contact where all differences diminish and similarities and absolutes begin happening.

All hitters that step into batter’s box show their own distinctive styles that they use while they’re getting ready for the hit. Some baseball hitters might use a completely open stance, some would crouch down and many crouch down too.

Some hitters won’t stride at all and other hitters would use leg kick. Sometimes it seems that everyone is different from each other and it would be difficult to shift through the different parts of the swing which are more customizable to different absolutes.

The odds might always remain in the favor of the pitcher, but developing a perfect swing here would be possible and it provides the hitter with a competitive edge.

Balancing Act

The process of hitting baseball would begin with the body’s lower half. Thus, for getting the perfect swing, the hitter’s weight would begin on the back leg and also shifts towards the front, creating smooth power and hip rotation. In case when the momentum doesn’t evenly move from back to front and the hips are closed, the swing would be uneven and slow.

Head Game

improve your baseball swing

A common thing you’ll hear from all baseball coaches is that you can’t basically hit what you can’t see at all baseball levels. Quite simply this would mean for keeping your eyes and head on the baseball. So if you weren’t watching baseball, the swing would not matter to you. With your chin tucked into shoulder facing at the pitcher, keep both your eyes on the baseball all the time. Visually figure out the type of pitch that you want to use, location and the velocity before you even go with the swing.

Establishing contact

A perfect swing wouldn’t be possible unless the bat strikes the baseball with a great force. So If you drop the shoulders and hands, you’ll get an uppercut swing and pop up the ball. If you’re making contact in the top of baseball, the normal outcome you get is a weak ground ball. Hitting ball on the barrel and centering pitch with a smooth and leveled swing would produce the best outcomes.

Helping hands

Once your lower body lies in the right posture, and the eyes and head are focused in, the swing would be just about ready. The next step for you would be proper hand placement. These must be held closely with the body near your chest, and your hands come back as the pitch gets delivered. This thing would be called loading your swing. As the pitch would arrive, the hands drive your best baseball bat through the zone for making the contact. Your hands must be kept together and the wrists must be straight as this would help in getting a leveled swing.

Key Points to launch the hands for getting contact:

  • The knob driving towards balls would begin the sequence
  • Your wrists must snap or flick the barrel for making contact
  • Your head must be steady
  • Your front leg should be firm for creating resistance for the body for propelling bat head
  • At the contact your bottom hand makes a palm down position
  • The hand on the bat top is in palm up position at the contact point.

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