Know About Various Indoor Baseball Drills

So, out there the weather isn’t that good to practice a game and your players now don’t have a good practice space. You might be thinking about postponing the practice sessions as now the players have got nothing to do. But it would be much better if you don’t do it, instead you can try going for indoor baseball drills.

Baseball drills that you’ll have inside would very much depend on how much space you’re having on your side.

So, where you can basically practice your game? Many cities with cold weather and snow in winter would have many indoor spaces with baseball batting cage that they usually rent out for baseball practice. If you could find yourself one at a reasonable budget then it’s a great start.

However, if you’re not able to find a suitable space you can also approach gyms such as church or school gyms without causing any damage.

Before beginning to talk about indoor baseball drills it’s better to form a great practice plan.

Different Kinds Of Indoor Drills For Baseball

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Basically there are three kinds of baseball drills that work great at indoors: fielding, throwing and agility.

And you would find many kinds of drills for each one of these types.


Let’s begin the process with throwing. In fact your practice session after the very first stretching session must being with throwing.

Even though you’re doing indoor baseball drills, the team players would still have to warm up their arms and muscles.

A good throwing drill that you can begin at indoor practice sessions would be kneeling on a knee whilst throwing. The knee which is up at the body’s opposite side as you quickly identify any mistakes in the mechanics of throwing. You must watch to make sure that their arms are above the shoulders and that they’ve got a nice follow through.

While throwing the ball on one knee the accuracy needs to be perfect. Make sure that the players are intently looking and well pointing the shoulder at the player they’re playing. The bad boy aligmnet would be difficult to overcome.


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Moving on to fielding, one of the most recommended baseball drills would be bare hand fielding. The drill is pretty simple where you have to hit ground balls (tennis balls or tee balls0 to the team players and they aren’t wearing your gloves. The general idea behind the drill is to teach them to use both the hands while they’re fielding.

And with the floor being much smoother, there won’t be any bad hops. This helps you a lot in building confidence in young players. A soft ball on the smooth floor would simply eliminate a fear of ground ball. You can simply use the opportunity to train fielders to directly get in front of the ground ball. No side fielding is involved in here.

Some coaches and famous players also purchased the flat paddle for the players to wear on glove head. This helps but would not be necessary. Also you can add up first baseman in the drill.

While they’re fielding the ground ball, have them throw to first. If the room allows, you can also allow a runner who goes from home into mix. Now you’ve got a full blown drill.

Adding up the combination of a runner, a first baseman and fielder, you’ve got three players who’re involved in the drill.

Agility Drills

Agility drill is an important baseball drill for indoor practice. You wouldn’t face many issues while doing agility drills while you’re indoors. All you’ll require is some cones and a small running space. Off season would be suitable time for maintaining a regular schedule of agility training. You can set a weekly schedule and you’ll also have participation of a few more players.

Among the favorite indoor baseball drill for agility would be the four corner drill. You’ll require an area of sixty square and also four cones and other markers.

You can place these cones in a square at around 15 feet apart. The player would begin this drill on the far right side of the square, adjacent to the bottom most cones.

People in general get bored a lot faster indoors compared to outdoors. So, their idle time must be limited as much as possible. This would mean having a number of stations for the game.

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