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So with the beginning of the baseball season, most players might have started preparing for the game. One of the most vital things that most players take in consideration is to properly break in their baseball gloves by properly oiling them. A nice and firm baseball glove has a number of advantages over the regular glove that most people use.

Buying a costly baseball glove is a good investment as quality gloves work great in the field. However a number of ways exist for extending the life of your baseball glove for making the costly investment last longer. Applying oil to your baseball gloves not only help you in breaking in the gloves but also provides good lubrication for preventing it from cracks. For learning how to oil a baseball glove, you can follow a number of steps.

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Different oiling considerations

  • You can wipe your glove with a cloth or a damp rag. This removes any kind of clay, dirt, sand and various other unnecessary substances that are present on the glove.
  • Apply tanners, neatsfoot, glove manufacturer’s oil or mink
  • Here you can use towel or sponge for oiling the glove in small circular motions.
  • You can spread oil in the glove pocket. The pocket of the glove which is the total area of the glove which is the ball catch area sees regular action. The pocket would tend to quickly dry out due to its use, without getting oiled, it might crack and dry out.
  • You can rub oil in the glove area where your hand would go. Oils and sweat would from your hand as it dries out and cracks inner portion of the baseball glove. Keeping your baseball glove well-oiled prevents from any excess damage from occurring.
  • Focus on individual glove laces. With the help of these laces the glove fingers are held together tightly. Keeping these well-oiled would decrease the chances of these breaking by turning dry.
  • The back area of your baseball glove needs to be spot-oiled for any issues. The back portion of your baseball glove does not encounter the regular strains that the glove pocket does, but it might possibly deteriorate over the time. Spotting out the specific oiling glove areas reduces the deterioration problem to the least.
  • Keep your baseball glove upright inside a ventilated area for around 3 to 4 hours. This lets the entire oiled out glove areas to breathe.

Applying Glove oil

The first thing here that you need to take care is to always go in for good quality leather quality for your baseball gloves. Oil can be used for breaking in the oil. These steps let you know about simple application of baseball glove oil.

  • Glove conditioning or glove treatment is also available in the market, generally in sports stores. You can apply the oil on the glove surface and not on the glove interior.
  • Now leave the gloves being untouched overnight. You can test the firmness and check whether they are softened or not. In case these still remain stiff, you can apply conditioners and leave it for a few hours. Put baseball in glove pocket and fold your glove at the fingers and thumb for holding the ball.
  • After applying the glove oil, your glove shouldn’t expand. For avoiding this, you need to secure the position after tying a rubber band cluster around it.
  • For speeding up the break in process you can frequently use the glove and wrap it for a few days.


Another available product for your baseball glove is the foaming oil. Foaming oil, which generally gets sold in specialty stores for sports, is specifically designed for softening up baseball gloves. These foaming oils are a great choice and also better at weighing down the glove less than other kinds of oils.

Before you start oiling the baseball glove, you must wash your hands. Besides the natural oils from your skin, there might be dirt and other substances that might lead to glove deterioration.


You need to read instructions that would go well with the oil that you’re about to use on the glove. You have to make sure that the glove oil is compatible with the leather glove and doesn’t entirely ruin it. Not all oils must get applied to the baseball gloves. For example vegetable oils and linseed oil isn’t a good choice to oil your glove.

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