Importance Of Tryout Drills In Baseball

In any sport, the coach plays a prominent role in training the players. Likewise, in baseball too, you need to go through the tryout drills to help find out where you stand in the game. Most coaches use the concept of tryout drills in order to finalize on a set of fine players for the team. For a coach, it is his responsibility to make sure that the players go through this drill in order to get the best out of them. A coach does this to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the players.

Baseball Drill

There is a certain protocol and pattern to baseball drills. Based on the different levels, the skills of the players are judged accordingly. Here is a quick overview on the entire baseball drill pattern.


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When a player opts to bat, he or she needs to look for a good pitch in order to connect the ball better with the bat and hit well. Given that not every ball will fetch you a homerun, you need to hit the ball with as much power as you can. The players tend to warm up before the hit by the baseball on the batting tee.

Post the warm up, the coach calls in every player one after the other into the batting cage. They are expected to hit at least 10 balls in a row. Simultaneously the coach checks how powerfully each player connects his or her bat with the ball, and in an accurate form. This is one of the most important tips on hitting a baseball.

Base Running

The second part of the tryout drill includes the running of the player. We all know how quick one needs to be on the front in order to get some points. The important thing to decide how quick you run is the best baseball cleat. Therefore, in order to settle for the best and fast runners, the players need to display their running skills.

The pattern for tryout drill running includes one player standing at home, the other at the base running coach and one at the first base. The coach yells the word go and the player from home will run until the first base while the coach is throwing the ball. Coach also tries the throwing technique multiple times to see if the player can catch the ball in time for the runner to get out.


The third phase is fielding, which requires the players to be up their game completely because if the hitting and running are good and fielding is poor then it spoils the game completely. This is where you should pull up your socks and give a good presentation to the coach. It is equally important to have a good team effort displayed on the field, which goes a long way in impressing the coach.

What happens is that the coach throws 10 balls in total to each of the fielder, the first 5 balls are ground balls that the fielder has to chase and the other 5 are thrown in the air to catch. It is of course the coach’s final decision to determine who was the best in their efforts and who was not.


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Throwing along with pitching is similar and go hand-in-hand. A pitcher needs to be a combination of speed, accuracy, strength etc. The pitcher gets to stand in the mound, and go through the wind-up entirely. The player does not have a baseball in his or her hand at this time. Once the player gets the balancing right, the pitcher holds the position and turns towards the coach. The coach then gives the ball and throws it at the target.

The prime task is related to balancing, stopping, allowing the head to turn, grab the ball at the right moment, throw it to the player and of course end it on a complete and perfect note.


To excel in a baseball game and become a fine player, you need to get the basics of the game right. While in the training stage, the player has to go through rigorous training and some drills that is mandatory enough to let the player know about his strengths and weaknesses. So, if you wish to enroll your kid into baseball, it is not just about buying the best baseball bats, you should also encourage them to participate in such drills for better performance.

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