How To Choose The Best Baseball Cleats

A good pair of cleats is one of the most important things that you need when playing baseball and this is regardless of the level. When playing this sport small things make a huge difference, and sometimes they are what determine whether your team wins or loses the match. And so, having the right cleats will have a significant influence on your game and hence also on the performance of your team.

The best baseball cleats are those that provide you with excellent traction on both dry and wet fields and are comfortable and flexible enough for quick movements. They should also give you enough support to prevent injuries while also improving your performance.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to baseball cleats because there are numerous types and brands from different manufacturers. However, it is important to know the important things to consider so that you get the best.

Top 5 Best Baseball Cleats 2017 Reviews

1. New Balance Men's L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Shoe

The L3000V2 are sharp looking baseball cleats from New Balance. They come in a mesh (25%) and Nubuck (75%) upper that makes them breathable and very durable. The sole is synthetic, and it has a polished plate with an eight metal cleat configuration system to give players excellent grip and acceleration.

New Balance Men's L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Shoe


These cleats also have a dual-density midsole, reinforced toe protector at the front and a foam fitting tongue. These low-cut shoes are also lightweight as they only weigh about four pounds and this also helps to make them some of the best shoes for the sport on the market.


  • They have a sharp look that will impress most baseball players.
  • The fit is perfect, and this makes them very comfortable.
  • Their lightweight makes them ideal for wearing for extended periods.
  • You do not need to break them in as they are soft and flexible enough from the box.
  • The spike plate and its eight cleats will always give you superior grip and acceleration.
  • These cleats are very breathable and durable thanks to the Nubuck and mesh material on the upper section.
  • They also have a form fitting tongue for extra protection.
  • You can choose from more than half a dozen color combinations.
  • The low-top design makes these cleats very comfortable to wear


  • A few players complain that the shoe pinches their toes at the front.
  • Players with wider feet do not seem to like the fit.
  • Some individuals will not like the fact that they are an import.
  • The lace holes need some improvement as there are some complaints about them ripping out.

2. Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleat

This baseball cleat from Mizuno comes with synthetic upper material and lace-up closure. The shoe also has a plush collar and closure that makes it very comfortable and gentle on the ankle.

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleat


A full-length midsole ensures that baseball players get maximum comfort throughout the match or training and they also have a foam insole.

The outsole in these cleats has nine advanced rubber spikes that give them outstanding traction while also making them very comfortable. Also, they are available in some bright color combination, and they only weigh 13oz.


  • You do not have to vary your regular size because the sizes are a perfect fit
  • The midsoles in these shoes are full-length to ensure maximum comfort.
  • It comes with rubber studs to guarantee comfort and durability regardless of the field type.
  • The color options are all very aesthetically appealing.
  • This shoe has an excellent arch support system for baseball players that have foot problems.
  • These cleats also have a Breath Thermo lining to keep your feet warm on cold days.
  • The synthetic and textile material on the upper section is very durable.
  • These cleats also have a Breath Thermo lining to keep your feet warm on cold days.
  • The synthetic and textile material on the upper section is very durable.
  • They have an excellent price, and it is hard to get anything better than them without spending more cash.


  • Still not very comfortable for players with wide feet.
  • They are stiff, and so they will require some time to break-in.
  • Lack of ankle support is a significant shortcoming for some players.

3. New Balance T4040V3 Turf Baseball Shoe

New Balance T4040V3 is a fabulous baseball shoe for wearing when practicing indoors. It comes with a synthetic upper that also includes a mesh for breathability and some glossy overlays.

New Balance Men's T4040V3 Turf Baseball Shoe


The shoes come with a rubber outsole for an impressive sawtooth traction that makes it perfect for turf use. They come with a comfortable REVtile midsole that is also full-length and a Pro bank Forefoot. And it is available in some beautiful color combinations that include black/blue, black/red and black/white.


  • The mesh upper ensures breathability to keep your feet fresh and prevent excessive sweating.
  • It is a very lightweight shoe, and you will hardly feel any weight on your feet.
  • They offer excellent traction and support for indoor practice sessions.
  • Everything from the upper materials to the outsole is very durable.
  • There are close to a dozen color options available.
  • They come with REVtile midsole that is also full-length,
  • These shoes are very flexible.


  • The sizes are little small, and so you might have to go for half a size larger than usual.
  • Also. Some players complain that the toe box is too narrow.
  • The overall look is not very appealing aesthetically.
  • There is a few customer complaints about the stitching being a little off.

4. Under Armour Boys' UA Harper One RM Jr. Baseball Cleats

The Under Armour cleats for boys allow young players to step into the diamond looking fantastic and with a lot of confidence.

Under Armour Boys' UA Harper One RM Jr. Baseball Cleats


They are very attractive shoes that come in some adorable color combinations that will make the player look magnificent when on the field. Apart from their charming look they also have everything that one can ever wish for in baseball cleats.

They have a synthetic upper for comfort and durability, lace-up that includes an ankle strap, padded collar, and tongue, and the tongue is also of breathable mesh. Also, they have a thin molded insole for extra comfort and full-length midsole that will help to disperse the cleat pressure.


  • These baseball cleats are rubber molded, and this ensures that they give players optimal traction in all surfaces.
  • It is among the most fashionable baseball shoes in the market.
  • The synthetic upper provides exceptional comfort, and it is also supportive and very durable.
  • These cleats have a mesh for breathability so that the feet can remain fresh throughout the match or training session.
  • They also have an ankle strap lock that provides additional stability.
  • The midsoles are full-length for extra cushioning and comfort while also helping to disperse the cleat pressure.
  • These shoes are relatively affordable despite their impressive quality
  • You can choose from a variety of bright color combinations.


  • The bright colors tend to stain easily.
  • Some players complain about the fit with a few finding them too big.
  • The traction that you get is still not as good as what metal studs offer when playing on a grass turf.

5. Nike Men's Vapor Keystone 2 Low Baseball Cleat

These low-cut cleats with a synthetic leather upper section are suitable for use under any turf condition. They also feature the unique EVA sock liners that give them maximum comfort and cushioning.

Nike Men's Vapor Keystone 2 Low Baseball Cleat


Their 12-cleat configuration on the rubber outsole gives these cleats excellent traction while also making them very durable. A sculpted midsole also adds to the comfort and cushioning of the feet while the lace closure ensures that players always get an excellent fit. Also, the shoe comes in various color combination, and it also has a TPU drag cap that enhances its durability.


  • The lace closure ensures that baseball players always get the best fit.
  • These cleats have some unique EVA liners that give them comfort and lightweight cushioning.
  • They come with a 12-cleat configuration for durability and to give them excellent traction.
  • The sculpted midsole wedges also provide some extra comfort and cushioning.
  • Vapor Keystone 2’s are very affordable baseball cleats.
  • This baseball shoe is from a durable synthetic/mesh upper material.
  • Just like most other cleats from Nike, there is an option to choose from several colors.
  • These shoes also come with a TPU drag cap that enhances their durability.


  • There have been a few complaints about some of the studs breaking off after a few uses.
  • These cleats would be better if they were a little wider.
  • You have to wear these shoes several times before they can break-in.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Baseball Cleats​

Whether you play in the junior league or you are a professional baseball player the chances are that you already have favorite shoes. But, choosing the correct ones is not always easy, and this is more so if you are a newbie. However, you can always be confident of finding a pair that will provide superior traction and flexibility if you consider the following important things when shopping for your cleats. (Check out Top 5 Best BBCOR Bats here!)

best baseball cleats


There are three main types of baseball cleats which are turf or fitness shoes, metal studs, and molded plastic cleats. It is critical for players to understand what they are all about because each type is suitable for particular playing turfs and levels. Each kind also has merits and demerits. Metal ones are what players use in the senior levels because of their excellent traction and do not slip easily, but they also wear down easily when you wear them on turfs that are not dirt or grass.

The molded plastic ones are robust and stable, but players seem to love them because they are ideal for using on almost any surface and are not very expensive. But, the plastics are not very useful in gripping the ground. The turf is the lightest baseball cleat and also very comfortable which makes it ideal for wearing during practice sessions that do not entail going to the field.


Your role on the field will always influence the type of cleats that you should choose and so it is important to keep this in mind.

For example, for an infielder that plays in dense and compact grounds will need metals cleats because they will not hold as much dirt as the plastic studs. Metal shoes are also suitable for outfielders that play on firm and lush grounds while pitchers will in most instances need metal studs with a low-top.

Youth Cleats​

youth baseball cleats

Most youth players will go for cleats that have a trendy look or those that look like what their friends have, but this is not the best way to make your choice.

As a youth player, comfort and flexibility should always be your top concern as they will determine how you perform on the field. If the shoe does not feel right on the legs, it will affect the performance of the young players, and it will make the game seem longer than usual.

But, there is also another school of thought that is of the opinion that some youth players will tend to play better when they are wearing shoes that they like than when they do not like their cleats.


Before 2008 only high school baseball players and college softball player could use metal studs. Those playing softball at a high school level could only wear the molded plastic shoes. But, the 2008 changes in regulation make it possible for both high school and college players to wear metals cleats regardless of whether they are playing softball or baseball.

These rules show that some strict regulations govern the type of shoes that you should wear and so it is important to know them when shopping for your pair. Some states like New Jersey and Maryland still do not allow players to use the metal ones for softball and ASA also does not permit them. Most youth leagues have strict rules against using shoes with metal studs, and so you should check the types that your particular league allows before you spend your cash.


Size is an important factor that you should never overlook as it will determine whether you enjoy wearing the shoe or not. The cleat should not be too tight or big, and so you need to be keen to make sure that the size is just right.

You should check the space between the big toe and the end of the cleat and ensure that it is not more than a quarter of an inch. Also, make sure that you get a snug fit on the heel. For those players that have feet that are in between sizes, the best idea is always to go for the cleats that feel tight because they will become comfortable and expand when you break them in.

Price and Reviews​

The best baseball cleats are not cheap, but this does not mean that you should spend a fortune on buying them. Just like when you are buying other baseball items you should go for something with a reasonable price tag, and when it comes to cleats, it should be somewhere between $50 and $200. Also, take the time to read reviews so as to know the opinions of other players on the type that you want to buy.​

How To Care For Your Baseball Cleats

Once you get the right cleats, you should follow the following important tips so as to give them the best care.

  • Avoid wearing them with gym socks because they will stretch them out of shape.
  • Always use something soft (Popsicle sticks) to pick out dirt, grass or mud from the spikes after the game.
  • Cleaning should always start by clapping the shoes to remove dry dirt.
  • The most important parts to clean are the sides and bottom (especially on the spikes).
  • Only wear them when playing as this will ensure that they do not wear out from stepping on hard surfaces.
  • Make sure you never leave them in the car to prevent extreme temperature damages.
  • Use baby or talcum powder to protect the cleats from sweat.
  • Remember to check your spikes for sturdiness and rust if you have metal studs.


Buying the best baseball cleats is a significant step in ensuring that you not only perform well but you also enjoy the game. There are many options available online and sports stores, and so you only need to know what to look for and spare some time to try out and compare different cleats.​

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