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So, what does it take to excel in a baseball game? To begin with, you need a bat, ball and of course a baseball ground. However, one of the most vital equipment you cannot miss in baseball is the baseball bat. It is not very surprising to note this because all the best baseball players are seen most concerned about the choice of bat than any other aspect of the game. There is a decent history behind the baseball bat, which might be of some interest to you, and below is a quick overview on it.

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Baseball as a game has come a long way now, it goes back into the 1800’s when the game was in existence but more so in its development stage. With the passing years, it became more advanced than what it is today and of course, the rules, setup and other aspects of the game were designed accordingly as well. It is during its early development stages that the most number of experiments especially towards the baseball bats. It is only due to the right set of bats that an important chapter of baseball was penned down in the history of sports.

How Did It All Begin

In the early 1850’s, some of them figured out that choosing a round baseball bat made more sense as it enhanced the ability to hit better. Of course, this led to a few modifications, especially with the shape of the bottom and its handle. Some alterations had to be made in order to get a good grip of the bat to hit the ball better. Though most players opted for the changed version, a handful still liked the traditional shape more. Of course, the final settlement was based on not one but multiple experiments and it was in 1859 that a confirmation on the bat size came into existence.

What was the First Rule?

It is quite interesting to know about the first essential rule that was introduced by the Governing Committee of Professional National Association of Baseball Players in the year 1859. This rule suggests that the player can use any bad of any length provided the diameter of it does not exceed 2.5 inches. Though the players abided by this very first rule prescribed for them, over the course of time, some tried experimenting with coil. They started wrapping it around the handle for better hits and better grip. The idea became popular in 1864 and eventually bats were customized to suit such a requirement.

New Rule for Length

While there were changes made on the diameter, similar changes were made on the length too. The length was restricted to a 42-inch limit only. This rule is practiced until this day and bats today are designed keeping this rule in mind. An addition to this rule is the existence of a knob at the handle that offers a better grip.

The Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is the ever-famous bat manufacturer that came up with the best baseball in the history of the game. He took the entire baseball scene by storm and everyone kept talking about this 17-year-old lad in 1884. With the success he garnered, he made bat manufacturing his all-time family business and left a mark for himself in the history of the game. If you want the best bat for your kid, nothing can beat the Louisville Slugger offering. 

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Changes in the Diameter

If you are wondering how many changes a baseball bat actually went through to become one of its kind, well, the answer is not many. With the minimalistic changes that it went through in the duration of many years, the changes were not drastic, just good enough to make the performance better.

In fact, in 1890, a new rule related to shape, size of the bat came in where the current rule of 2.5 inches was changed to 2.75 inches. Another leap was when the makers started designing metal bats, i.e. alloy bats over wooden bats. Even in wood bats, changes were noticed in terms of choice of wood being maple wood to ash wood.


Though baseball is such a popular game, not many are aware of the history revolving around it. For those who feel they know not much, above mentioned is a quick run through down the memory lane. It is commendable to see how the makers, the board and the players brought in necessary changes to make the game what it is today.

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