Historic Facts On Baseball

The sport through which most Americans feel a nostalgic sense than other games is surely baseball. The game is played by so many children that that it was commonly called as “the national pastime”. Baseball is also generally termed as a democratic game. Unlike other games like basketball and soccer, baseball can easily be played by people with average weight and height with wooden baseball bat.

The game was originated before American Civil War (1861-1865) earlier known as rounders, a humble game which was commonly played on sand lots. Champions during that time retuned the game again for introducing various types of mental judgment and skills that made the game cricket respectable in England. Particularly, record-keeping and scoring provided gravity to baseball.

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More Americans would undoubtedly know about Roger Maris’s 61 home runs scored in 1961 crossed the score record of 60 by Babe Ruth in 1927 than about President Ronald Reagan’s 525 electoral college casted votes in 1984 crossed the record of President Franklin Roosevelt’s 523 during 1936.

The very first professional baseball league was formed in 1871. Most of the large cities in the eastern part of the United States formed their own professional baseball teams at the beginning of the 20th century. These teams were basically divided into leagues, the American and National at a regular season, a team was only allowed to play against other teams that were within the league. The most victorious team present in each league was known to have won the “pennant” the two pennant winners basically met after the end of regular World Series season.

Out of the seven total possible games the winners of a minimum four games became the baseball champion for the particular year. The certain arrangement still keeps well nowadays, although nowadays baseball leagues get subdivided and the selection of pennants is done at the time of post-playoff series. This is done between winners of different divisions.

Baseball truly came to its existence in the late 1920s, when the team New York Yankees was led by Babe Ruth (1895-1948) to various titles of World Series. Later on he became a national hero through the overall strength of his home runs (balls that are hit out of the field and can’t be played). Over the upcoming decades all teams has their famous baseball players. Among the most renowned was Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) from Brooklyn Dodgers who was a prodigious and courageous athlete who later on became the first American-African player for various major leagues in 1947.

In the beginning of 1950s baseball games got widened in their geographical area. Western American cities collected teams through either by luring them to relocate them from eastern American cities or through creating the so-called expansion teams having baseball players available by the already existing teams.

Till 1970s, due to the strict contracts, baseball team owners virtually also owned famous players; since that time, the changes in game rule were made so that the players get free, under specific limits, for selling their services to any team. If baseball is both a business and a sport, late in 20th century a huge number of resentful fans thought the business side to be more dominant.

In general it is known as the baseball got introduced in Japan through an American professor during 1870s and from then until 1930s, Japanese baseball was dominated by university baseball leagues. Professional baseball games in Japan were introduced in 1930s through formation of professional Japan Baseball League. The Japanese player, Hideo Nomo, became Los Angeles Dodgers team’s star pitcher.

Baseball game also has a widespread popularity in the Caribbean nations and Cuba. In 1996 Olympics, it was an outcome of the appeal for baseball from United States that the gold medal contests came down to Cuba and Japan where Cuba won.

While all the baseball events we mentioned here are interesting for baseball fans, and here’s something more engaging. Jimmy Piersall celebrated his 100th home run through running backward bases on 23rd June, 1963. This wasn’t the first time when Piresall pulled an amusing feat of this kind though. Jimmy walked up with bat while wearing Beatles wig, and later he was once seen talking of the Babe Ruth’s monument at Yankee Stadium before he scored his career’s 100th home run.

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