Top 3 Best Baseball Infield Glove Reviews 2017

Your glove is your most valuable asset as an infield baseball player, and so you should spend enough time and resources shopping for the best. Catching the balls is one of your primary roles when on the field, and with the right glove, you can be confident of some impressive plays.

The good news is that there are many brands and types to choose from in the market. And so you just need to know what to look for in the best infield glove and to take some time to read reviews on different gloves so that you can compare their features and choose the best. The reviews below for top three best baseball infield gloves will help make your choice easier for you.

1. ​Wilson A2000 Infield Glove Series

​The Wilson A2000 Series is an attractive infielder glove with a Cross Web design. It is a Pro-Stock leather glove, and so you can be confident of using it for a long time. Also, this leather type makes it easy to break-in.

The A2000 has Dual Welting which entails having strips of leather on the back section of each finger to create a very durable pocket. It has some extra protection on the palm section which helps to ensure minimal sting when catching balls. This glove uses the amazing DRI-LEX technology that creates a very breathable wrist lining to reduce moisture so as to keep the hand dry throughout the game.

Wilson A2000 1788 11.25



  • It is a durable glove with an excellent construction and genuine leather.
  • The extra protection on the palm helps to eliminate sting.
  • This glove will break-in easily.
  • The design and material help it to mold to the shape of your hand well.
  • It uses some modern technologies in the design to eliminate moisture and to keep the hand dry.
  • Laces are high quality, and they will hold up well for long.
  • If appearance matter to you this glove will impress you as it is bright and stylish.
  • It feels great on the hand and also has a comfortable fit.
  • The stitching is excellent, and it will remain intact for many years.


  • The bright color means that it is prone to staining and it will show dirt.
  • A2000 Series are quite expensive infielder gloves.
  • Inside palm will get slippery for individuals with sweaty hands.
  • The pocket is not very deep.

2. Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove Series

Mizuno produces some of the best baseball gloves, and this is why thousands of players across the world trust their products. The MVP Series Prime maintains their reputation as a top baseball equipment brand as it has everything that an infielder can ever wish for in a glove. It is a pattern glove that always guarantees a perfect and comfortable fit for all infielders.

Mizuno uses Bio-Soft Leather in its construction which gives it an excellent balance of softness and control. It has a unique Center Pocket Design that centers the pocket below the index finger to ensure that infielders always get a versatile break-in. Also, it features a Tartan Shock Web, Steer Soft lining on the Palm and a Plus Grip Thumb for extra comfort.

Mizuno Mvp Prime 11.5" Baseball Glove Gmvp1151p1 T-Web



  • This glove only requires a couple of weeks to break it in.
  • It has genuine and high-quality leather that makes it very durable.
  • The construction and stitching is flawless.
  • It is stiff enough to ensure that it remains sturdy when fielding.
  • Mizuno MVP has an excellent fit and is also very comfortable.
  • It is a very affordable glove despite the impressive quality.
  • The center pocket design pattern is excellent.
  • It has some extra padding on the thumb to increase the comfort.
  • The fit is just right, and it makes the glove perfect for wearing throughout the match.


  • It still feels a little too stiff even after you break it in.
  • Some players complain about occasional stinging when using this glove.
  • This infield glove will not impress you if you do not like the tartan web design.
  • The overall look is very ordinary, and so it will not impress infielders that prefer fancy looking or stylish gloves.

3. Rawlings Pro Preferred Infield Glove Series

The Pro Preferred Series by Rawlings features a conventional open back design and a Kip Skin leather (full grain) shell. It comes with a 40% factory break-in, and so the infielder will only need to do 60% of the work. This glove also features the amazing I-Web that make it ideal for the elite infielders.

Each glove in this series is also very comfortable which is thanks to the Sheepskin lining on the palm and Finger Back lining. The 100% wool padding also plays an integral part in this glove as it ensures that the infielder always gets a premium fit. And if you also factor in the fact that it is available in three awesome color combinations, the leather laces and skillful stitching you have a top of the range infielder’s glove.

Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.5-inch Infield Baseball Glove



  • The Kip Skin leather makes it a very durable infield glove.
  • It is lightweight, and this is despite the fact that it is of genuine leather.
  • The colors look great, and any infielder will love them.
  • Feels great on your hand and it is also very comfortable.
  • The unique I-web design is very impressive.
  • Pro Padding ensures that you always get custom pocket formation and that the glove retains shape.
  • You will always get great control when using this infielder glove.
  • Players get to choose from three adorable color combinations.
  • The stitching and the lacing on this glove are both very high-quality, and they increase its durability.


  • It will require a lot of effort to break-in.
  • This Rawlings glove is quite pricey.
  • The bright colors make it more prone to getting dirty.
  • It is still a little difficult to close even after the break-in.


Finding the best infielder glove is not always easy because you have to choose from several brands. But, knowing what to look for and trying out a few gloves before you make your choice will always make things easy. Also, baseball gloves reviews will always come in handy as they give you more information about the product. The three reviews above of some of the top brands on the market will be very helpful as you decide what to purchase.

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