Why Should I Use A Batting Tee? Top 5 Best Batting Tee Reviews 2017

Hitting off the batting tee can be one of the most useful training exercises for baseball hitters playing at any level. With a tee, you do not have to worry about things like timing and so you are free to work on your hitting mechanics. Also, the repetitive nature of this form of batting practice helps to strengthen muscles memories.

There are many benefits that a baseball hitter will get from tee practices, but this is only true when using the best batting tee. And for this to be the case, it is important for baseball players to know how to choose the best and understand why they need to use one for their practice sessions.

Top 5 Best Batting Tee Reviews 2017 

1. MacGregor Batting Tee

The MacGregor baseball/softball batting tee is an excellent product for individuals looking for something high-quality and affordable. It works for both kids and adults, and it will help you improve your swing in no time. This tee is suitable for use when practicing for baseball, softball, and T-ball making it one of the most versatile on the market.

MacGregor Batting Tee

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The company makes it with rubber components to enhance durability and with a solid base for stability. It is also waterproof meaning that you can use it in any weather and the height is adjustable between 20 and 40 inches. And with a total weight of 13 pounds only it is easy to transport to ensure you can practice anywhere you want.


  • It is a versatile batting tee that you can use to practice softball, baseball and T-ball.
  • The rubber component construction makes it very durable.
  • MacGregor makes it with a solid metal base that gives it some extra weight to ensure stability.
  • You can use it in any weather.
  • It is ideal for training players of different ages and playing levels.
  • The hitting height is adjustable.
  • You can use it with both wood and metal bats.
  • It is an affordable batting tee.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The plastic components are not very durable.
  • It does not come with the training balls and assembly instructions.
  • Quality and adjustment range might not impress professional players.
  • The rubber ball holder is flimsy, and it tends to deform easily.

2. Tanner Tee

The Tanner Tee is one of the first products that most players will turn to when looking for the best batting tee. It has been a popular practice tee for many years, and it is what professional players prefer to use to improve their batting skills.

This outstanding tee comes in two sizes which are the standard (23 to 43 inches) and the short one (20 to 32 inches). The base on the smaller tee is 9.5 by 9.5 inches while the other version has a 12 by 12 inches base and a total weight of 6 pounds.

Tanner Tees

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Tanner Tee is easy to assemble even without following the instructions. The detachable base makes it very portable, and you can dismantle it to fit most standard size travel and equipment bags. The Tanner Tee works well for both softball and baseball thanks to the unique and patented rubber ball rest. Also, this rubber ball rest allows you to feel the ball when you make contact, and it provides excellent feedback.


  • It is a pro-style batting tee.
  • The flexible rubber ball rest ensures that players feel the ball on contact.
  • Tanner tee has a patented design and outstanding craftsmanship to ensure maximum durability.
  • This tee is lightweight and portable to make it easy to move around.
  • Height adjustment is simple.
  • It is an excellent tee for any playing level in baseball and softball.
  • You can dismantle it to fit any travel or equipment bag.
  • It comes in two sizes.


  • It is not suitable for players younger than nine years.
  • This tee is a little pricey.
  • The light weight makes it easy to knock over when you mis-hit the ball.

3. Jugs Sports New Jugs T

If you are looking for a top notch baseball or softball batting tee that will help improve your game fast the New Jugs T is an excellent choice for you. This pro-style tee has one of the longest guarantees on the market, and it will not tip over when practicing even if you do not use any extra weight.


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It has a large steel base (14 by 11 inches) that gives it stability and a total weight of 10 pounds. This base also has rounded edges and a rubber cover to ensure that it does not scuff floors when practicing indoors.

The stem adjusts between 23 and 46 inches to make sure that you workout through the entire strike zone and this telescoping stem also unscrews from the base for easy transportation. New Jugs T is perfect for both low-drills and high-drills.


  • It does not tip over easily.
  • The flexible rubber top ensures that you always feel the ball on contact.
  • New Jugs T features an internal interlocking bolt to prevent the upper stem from slipping.
  • Larger steel base eliminates the need for outside weight by making the tee very stable.
  • The base has a rubber cover and rounded edges to ensure that it does not scuff the gym floor.
  • This tee is ideal for both low-drills and high-drills.
  • The grip-n-go handle on the base makes transportation easy.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle.


  • It will not go low enough for kids.
  • This batting tee is quite expensive given the fact that you can get one at half its price.

4. PowerNet Baseball Softball Portable Travel Batting Tee

The PowerNet baseball batting tee gets endorsements from some of the most famous players in the game, and this is enough to show that it is an outstanding product. If it works for the pros, you can be confident that it will also work well for you.

PowerNet Baseball Softball Portable Travel Batting Tee

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This tee comes in a stable tripod design, and so you can be sure that it will not move or tip over on contact. The top is single wrapped and with a high-quality and flexible material to keep the ball in place, and the height is adjustable to give you a variety of strike zones. This PowerNet tee is easy to set up, and it dismantles into a compact size that will fit into most baseball bags.


  • The top is single wrapped and with a flexible and durable material.
  • Adjustable height makes it possible to hit balls in different strike zones.
  • You can setup and tear it down fast.
  • The compact size means that it will fit most baseball equipment bags.
  • It is highly portable to ensure you can use it to practice in different places.
  • This tee has endorsements from various professional baseball players.
  • The tripod design is effective in keeping it in place as you hit the ball.


  • It is a terrible tee when you strike it in the wrong place.
  • Softballs fall off a lot, and so it does not work very well for softball players.
  • The rubber at the top is thinner than what you get from other top brands.

5. SKLZ 5-Position Batting Tee

The SKLZ 5-Position Tee will help you improve your swing mechanics, body positioning and learn the fundamentals of batting fast. You can use this baseball batting tee when practicing outside, middle and inside pitches and you can adjust it from 20 to 34 inches to cover the entire strike zone.

SKLZ 5-Position Batting Tee

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This batting tee has a standard size home plate that makes it ideal for use in all leagues and the stem can store at the center of this plate to ensure easy storage and without taking up a lot of space. Lastly, it has a convenient handle for carrying it and a total weight of 10 pounds.


  • The sturdy base is thick enough to ensure that it does not fall over.
  • You can adjust the height from 20 to 34 inches.
  • It is the best batting tee for practicing inside, middle and outside pitches.
  • The home plate is standard in size and suitable for all leagues.
  • SKLZ 5-Position has a rugged and all weather construction.
  • The simple design will require minimum assembly, and it is also easy to take apart.
  • This batting tee has a brushed top design that is more durable than the traditional ones.


  • It has a bad chemical odor when you get it.
  • The connection between the stem and base is not very sturdy.
  • Some players will have difficulties loading it into the various slots.

Why Should I Use A Batting Tee?​

The batting tee will help to improve your hand-eye coordination and swing faster than most other practices. It is one of the oldest training aids in the game, and the fact that it is still in use means that it is very useful for baseball hitters playing at all levels. And if you do not use a baseball batting tee below are some reasons why you should start using one.

1. Maximum Practice In Confided Spaces​

It will not always be feasible to go to the field because in some days the weather might not allow it or you might not have the time. But if you have a batting tee you will never have to forego training due to weather or lack of time. You can use it even in small or confined spaces and take as many swings as you like without having to go to the field. And this will also make it possible for you to get some extra practice session away from the regular ones with your team.

2. You Can Focus On Mechanics​

A batting tee makes it possible to practice your swing with the ball at a consistent spot, and this means that you can eliminate variables like time and wind. And so you can be able to practice on the mechanics which are more important for your swing and muscle memory.​

3. You Can Do Many Batting Drills​

With the ball in a consistent spot and the best youth baseball bat, it is possible to do various batting drills that can help you with your swing. Baseball tee drills make it possible to work on specific elements of your swing.

4. Bating Tees Are Portable​

A batting tee can fit you baseball equipment bag or in the trunk of your car and so you can take it anywhere. Portability means that you can use it for practice almost anywhere and so you will get more opportunities of improving and perfecting your skills.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Batting Tee​

Now that you understand the benefits that you get from a tee the next important thing is to know how to chose the best batting tee from the many options in the market. By considering the following important things, you can be confident of finding something that will help improve your batting.

best batting tee

1. Durability​

Durability is a key factor that you should keep in mind when shopping for a practice tee because you will want to use it for a long time. It is important to make sure that the design and material give it the ability to withstand the occasional scuff and mishit without breaking or developing cracks.

2. Portability​

One of the biggest advantages of using a batting is the fact that you are free to use it in different places. And so you should always consider portability when shopping for one and make sure that whatever you buy is portable by being lightweight enough and in a size that can fit your gear bag.

3. Adjustability​

The best baseball batting tee is one that comes with an adjustable tube length. Adjustability ensures that you can cover the entire strike zone when practicing because not every ball will come down the middle and so you need to practice at various heights.

4. Stable Base​

It is important to ensure that the tee that you opt to buy can stay upright when you hit the ball. If it has a lot of flex or the base is too weak you will waste a lot of your practice time resetting it. Most come with a compact or tripod base but regardless of what you prefer it is important to ensure that it is stable enough.


A batting tee is a very helpful tool for baseball hitters, and so it is important to make sure that you buy or select the best. Keeping the four points above in mind and sparing some time to try out and compare different types will ensure that you get a tee that will help improve your hitting and swinging capabilities.​

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