Best Batting Gloves For Softball, Baseball And Youth Players

Excellent hand-eye coordination is the most important thing that you need to succeed when it comes to hitting the ball in baseball. But, you also need to have the right equipment because your skills will not help you if you do not have a good bat and glove.

Most players understand the importance of having the best baseball bats, but most seem to overlook the glove and will settle for any that they can find. However, this is a big mistake, and the fact that even professional players use gloves should tell you that it affects performance. And so it is important to spend enough time and resources searching for the best baseball batting gloves.

Top 5 Best Batting Gloves For Softball & Baseball Players

Top 3 Best Youth Batting Gloves

1. Under Armour Men's UA Clean Up Batting Gloves

The Under Armour UA for men is a contemporary batting glove with an impressive design that gives it an excellent feel and a perfect fit. It uses the Moisture-Wicking HeatGear material to ensure that your hands always remain fresh and dry and it also has a soft goatskin on the palm to improve durability and comfort while also giving you an excellent grip.

Under Armour Men's UA Clean Up Batting Gloves


Also, it has some embossed overlays with some perforations to offer you extra support and enhance breathability. With this glove, you will always get a custom and very comfortable fit thanks to the contoured wrist closure. And it is also available in six different sizes, and you can choose from three beautiful color combinations.


  • You always get a comfortable and custom fit thanks to the contoured wrist closure.
  • Finger perforations give the glove some extra ventilation.
  • It always provides an excellent grip regardless of the weather condition.
  • The goatskin leather on the palm gives it a soft feel without affecting the grip.
  • This batting glove is very affordable, and this is more so because it comes in pairs.
  • The materials and design of this batting glove are useful in keeping the hands dry.
  • It is available in six different sizes which mean that there is a size for all batters.
  • The designs on the upper part give it an appealing look, and you also get to choose from three lovely color combinations.


  • The synthetic material is not as durable as leather.
  • It is an imported glove, and so you cannot be sure of the construction quality.
  • The stitching needs some improvement to make it last longer.

2. Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Batting Gloves

The Franklin Sport MLB CFX Pro is special and one of the best batting gloves on the market. Baseball players love it because it comes in more than two dozen colors which make it possible for them to find something that matches their team colors. However, it still has many other useful features that make it comfortable to wear when swinging a bat.

Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Batting Gloves


These technologies include the Floating thumb which improves its adaptability while also making it more flexible, Tectonic Inserts that accommodate flex without making it bulky and QUAD-FLEX to ensure there is no material build-up between your fingers. Also, the sheepskin construction makes it durable and gives it a soft feel while the one-piece leather on the palm gives it an excellent grip and a seamless feel regardless of the bat type.


  • Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro is available in more than two dozen color combinations to ensure that you get something that matches your team colors.
  • This batting glove is very flexible, and it conforms well to your hand.
  • The leather palm ensures that you always get a smooth and seamless feel.
  • It has an asymmetrical wristband that will always conform to the shape of your wrist.
  • This glove is perfect for use in any weather as it will not slip even when it is wet.
  • The sheepskin leather provides it with durability and a soft feel.
  • It is a lightweight glove, and so it will not affect your swing.


  • The stitching is still a major issue with this glove.
  • It feels too tight from the box, and so it will require some time to break-in.
  • Franklin Sport MLB CFX Pro is relatively expensive when you compare it to other brands in the market.
  • You need to take extra care of it as it gets damaged easily.

3. Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting Gloves

Most expert batting glove reviews will always recommend gloves from Louisville Slugger because the company makes some of the best in the market. This amazing one has a professional look and design that will make a batter look like a pro and boost his confidence when on the box.

Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting Gloves


Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro has an embossed goatskin on the palm which will give you an excellent feel and grip, Lycra Stretch Zones to maximize the fit and Elastic Stretch Velcro that will provide a secure, custom and comfortable fit. Also, it comes as a pair to save you some money, and baseball players also get to choose from more than twelve different color combinations.


  • The Palm has an embossed goatskin to give users an excellent grip.
  • Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro has some lycra stretch zones to maximize the fit.
  • You get an opportunity to select from a dozen color combinations.
  • The elastic Velcro ensures you get a secure and custom fit.
  • It comes as a pair to ensure you get value for your cash.
  • This batting glove is very breathable which ensure that your hands always remain dry.


  • Sizing is not very accurate.
  • The goatskin material will take a lot of time to give you a perfect fit.
  • It is not available in some in-between sizes, and so some batter will not find something that fits them.

4. EvoShield Prostyle Batting Gloves

The EvoShield Prostyle is a fantastic glove that will make a baseball batter happy with every swing. It uses a Gel-to-Shell shield to disperse the impact when you make contact and to offer the hand better protection than what you get from the regular plastics and foam.

EvoShield Prostyle Batting Gloves


Also, the palm features an EvoShield grip pattern with a strategic placement of the fingers to provide a quick grip and enhance durability. Other fantastic features include the PowerStretch material that provides breathability, comfort and flexibility and a Custom Molding Shield and it is also available in numerous color combinations.


  • It is available in distinct styles for both left and right-hand players.
  • Premium grade leather on the palm gives it a great feel.
  • The Power Stretch material on the back of the hand provides extra mobility.
  • It has a unique EvoShield gel that will harden and form to the shape of your hand for an excellent fit and extra protection.
  • This glove is aesthetically appealing, and it comes with some beautiful color combinations.
  • Mesh back makes it breathable and hence helping to keep your hand dry.
  • The unique grip pattern ensures that you always get a quick grip and it also makes the glove durable.


  • Most baseball players will find this glove quite expensive.
  • The insert is easy to lose if you are not careful.
  • Although it is a top notch glove, the stitching will not hold up for long.
  • Some players complain that the sizes are smaller than they expect.

5. Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports makes some of the best baseball batting gloves, and with such a reputation you can always expect top notch products from them like the Neo Classic Series. It is a stylish looking glove that the company manufactures with input from famous players in the MLB and using high-quality and genuine leather from one of the most famous leather suppliers in the world.

Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves


The company uses some advanced technologies like the TRI-CURVE which ensures that it conforms to the anatomical structure of your hand, QUAD-FLEX to give you a perfect fit around the glove without any bunching and Floating Thumb technology for flexibility and adaptability. Also, it comes in sizes for youth and adult players, and each glove has a ventilated back for maximum breathability.


  • You always get a smooth and seamless feel regardless of the bat you are using.
  • There is minimal material build up between the finger and baseball bat.
  • Franklin Sports Neo available in sizes for both youth and adult players.
  • Baseball players can choose from more than twenty color combinations.
  • Ventilated back makes it a very breathable baseball glove.
  • The fit is always perfect thanks to the TRI-CURVE feature.
  • Sheepskin leather makes it very durable.
  • t has an attractive and stylish overall appearance.


  • Just like most other batting gloves, the stitching is the greatest shortcoming.
  • They get soggy when you sweat or when it is drizzling.
  • Some sizes seem to be a little small.

Why You Should Wear Batting Gloves

Most baseball players find batting gloves stylish and an excellent addition to their uniform. But there is way much more to it than spicing up your appearance. Batting gloves have been around for many years, and in the past, their primary purpose was to offer protection.

In the past all bats were wooden, and so players would always get blisters after a few swings but wearing the gloves would prevent this. Protection is still one of the main reasons why players should wear gloves when batting but there are still many others.

Batting gloves help to improve performance because they give the player a steady and controlled grip. Getting a good grip and maintaining it is essential when swinging the bat because it helps the batter get maximum accuracy and power. Gloves will always provide extra grip, and this is regardless of whether the bat is metal or wooden as they keep the hand dry and free of body oils and perspiration.

The best batting gloves will also provide warmth and protect the hand from the elements. Nowadays baseball is an all year round sport in many places, and this means that players will still need to swing bats in cold days. If your hands are too cold, you will not be able to get maximum power and accuracy which will affect your performance.

Modern batting gloves have enough padding that will not only protect your hand but will also keep it warm to ensure that you can still get the best swings regardless of the weather. Also, a glove will keep your hand clean, and this will ensure that dirt does not make it slip.​

Things To Consider When Selecting The Best Batting Gloves​

The hands are the body part that is more prone to injury when swinging a bat and so it is always important to offer it as much protections as possible. And for this, you will need the best batting gloves. Although there are many brands and types available it is important to know how to choose the best. When selecting a batting glove, you should always consider the following important factors. (We also have buying guide about Best Youth Baseball Glove if you want to take a look.)

best batting gloves

1. Material​

The material should always be one of the first things that you consider when shopping for the best baseball batting gloves because it will affect everything from the grip to the amount of protection that it will offer. There are several alternatives on the market when it comes to the material, but leather and synthetic are the two most common ones.

Synthetic gloves are affordable, and this is why many baseball players will always prefer to buy them. However, leather gloves are by far the best because they offer you an excellent grip and maximum protection from the stinging and tingling that come when the bat hits the ball.​

2. Size​

Fitting is always an important factor when buying something that you intend to wear, and it is a vital factor when choosing batting gloves. The best batting gloves will be those that offer you a perfect and comfortable fit. The fit is important because you do not want the glove to move as you swing the bat because this will mean that it will have no use.

Baseball players should not have any trouble choosing the right size as there are sizing charts available in most online and physical baseball equipment stores. All you need to do is to measure your hand from the tip of the index finger to the wrist and use the measurements to choose the right size from the chart. Some of these charts might not be very helpful with youth baseball batting gloves but trying out the glove will still ensure that you choose the right size.

3. Playing Level and Game Type​

best batting gloves

Your level of playing and age will also determine the right glove for you. For example, youth baseball batting gloves are different from those that professionals use because of differences in the speed and intensity of the games. Also, you have to consider whether you intend to use the glove for softball or baseball because there are some differences in the batting styles and a few other elements that will affect the suitability of the gloves.

4. Padding​

Padding is essential for a batting glove because it is what will protect your hand from the stinging that comes with a hit. But it is important to be keen with this feature because extra padding means that the glove will be bulky and uncomfortable. Always go for something with moderate but enough padding to shield your hand from getting hit by the ball and from the tingling and sting that follows when the bat hits a ball.

5. Comfort​

The best batting gloves are those that offer maximum comfort because this is what you need for best performance. It is hard to tell how comfortable a glove is without trying it out and so it is a perfect idea to try it before buying. However, a simple way of ensuring that your glove will offer you the maximum comfort is going for something that is of leather materials such as sheepskin.

6. Flexibility​

​You will need to flex various parts of your hand such as the thumbs and fingers when you are batting, and so you will not want to wear a glove that is too restrictive or makes this hard for you. The good idea is to go for a glove that has flexible materials like spandex along the joints because it will help your thumb and finger move freely.


Buying the best baseball batting gloves is an effective way of ensuring that your swings are always successful. Even if you have the best bat, you cannot always be sure of an excellent grip if you do not wear a quality glove. This guide will help make selection easy for you but also remember to go for something from a reputable brand and with a good stitching because this will determine its durability.

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