Top 3 Best Baseball Outfield Glove Reviews

Outfielders have one of the toughest roles in a baseball team, and their position is also the most active. Routinely, they will have to move in so as to back up the infielders and throw the base runners off from some incredible distances. There are many other hard tasks that outfielders need to perform and to ensure that they do them well they need a glove that can help with all these tasks.

The gloves that outfield players use are among the largest in baseball, and they can be up to 13 inches in size. Every player seems to have a preference for particular types of gloves and brands, but there are some that still stand out. These gloves are what players in the professional league prefer to use. Here is a review of three of the best outfield gloves on the market.

1. Wilson A2000 YP66 Yasiel Puig Game Model Baseball Glove​

​The fact that Yasiel Puig prefers to use the A2000 glove by Wilson is enough to convince any player that it is the best baseball glove for an outfielder. The company uses Pro Stock Leather to make it very durable and to reduce the break-in period, but there is still much more to it than this.

Wilson A2000 YP66 Yasiel Puig Game Model Baseball Glove


Wilson uses Y-Web to give it a very solid pocket and Dual Welting to make it durable. This 12.75-inch glove also features a Dri-Lex lining on the wrist, Conventional Open Back, and some Extra-Long Fingers to give players a better reach. The A2000 YP66 is 1.6lbs heavy, and its dimensions are 12 x 7 x 5 inches.


  • It features a Dri-Lex lining on the wrist that helps to keep the hands dry and fresh.
  • The pocket is deep enough and very durable thanks to the dual welting design.
  • Wilson uses Pro Stock leather to make it a long lasting outfield glove.
  • This glove requires minimum break-in.
  • It feels nice in a player's hand, and it is also very comfortable.
  • The colors and material do not get dirty easily.
  • It has some extra long fingers to give outfielders a better reach.


  • This outfield glove is quite expensive.
  • Some players will find it too stiff.
  • There are not many color options available.
  • 12.75 inches is still not large enough for some outfielders.

2. Mizuno MVP Series GMVP1275B2 12.75" Adult Baseball Outfielder Glove

​The MVP Series is one of the most successful gloves by Mizuno, and although outfield players love it because of the affordable price tag, it is still a high performing glove. It is a 12.75-inch glove that features a Bio Throwback Leather that makes it soft, game ready and also makes it very durable.

Mizuno MVP Series GMVP1275B2 12.75" Adult Baseball Outfielder Glove


The MVP has an Ultra Soft Liner on the palm that gives it a smooth finish and excellent feeling and a Professional Lace design that ensures that outfielders always get a snug and secure fit. Other features in this glove include the center pocket design that gives players a custom break in and the impressive Ichiro Six Finger Web Design.


  • It is a very affordable outfield glove.
  • This baseball glove also features an ultra soft lining on the palm that gives it an excellent feeling.
  • The fit is perfect for most outfielders, and it also feels very comfortable.
  • This glove breaks in well and fast.
  • Centralized pocket makes it possible for a player to shape it how he likes.
  • The size is perfect, and it is also a lightweight baseball glove.
  • Laced binding ensures that you always get a snug and secure fit.
  • The back provides extra ventilation to make sure that your hands always remain dry.


  • Sometimes it will sting the hand a little.
  • The leather is not very high quality.
  • Some players complain of discoloration and cracks on the glove after some time.
  • Outfielders will not get many color options to choose from, and so they have to settle for something they might not like.

3. Rawlings Premium Pro Series 12.5 Inch PPR1250 Baseball Glove

Rawlings uses modern and advanced technologies in the manufacture of the Premium Pro Series to make it the best baseball glove for outfielders. The company uses a soft full grain leather in its construction which makes it very durable while also give it a game-ready feel.

Rawlings Premium Pro Series 12.5 Inch PPR1250 Baseball Glove


Premium Pro Series uses Solid Core Tech to enhance the fit and to provide maximum control. The Opti-Core Tech makes it possible to have some extra layers of padding on the palm to ensure maximum absorption of shock when the ball impacts the glove.

Also, the glove features a lace-less palm and heel to give it an excellent feel and also to reduce the break-in period. The conventional open back design and authentic pro patterns are also a useful addition to this outfield glove.


  • The soft full grain leather shell makes this a very durable outfield glove.
  • ​It requires little to no break-in because it comes with more than 80% factory break-in.
  • Rawlings uses Solid Core Tech to enhance the feel, fit and function.
  • The extra layers of padding on the palm are useful for absorbing the shock from the impact when you catch balls.
  • It is a very affordable baseball glove despite the impressive quality.
  • The Premium Pro Series is suitable for use by both infielders and outfielders.
  • One-piece palm without laces reduces the break-in and provides an excellent feel when the ball is in the pocket.


  • The opening that you use to get your hand inside is quite narrow.
  • Some outfielders will not find this 12.5-inch glove large enough.
  • Lack of a strap means that it is not possible to tighten or loosen it.


An outfielder has a vital role in a baseball team, and if he or she does not perform it well, the team might end up losing the game. To succeed as an outfielder, you will need a lot of practice and the right tools for the position. The glove is the most important thing that you need, and so you should always ensure that you have the best.

There are different types and brands in the market, and so it might not always be easy to choose the best ones. But the reviews above of three of the best outfield gloves will make things easier for you. Also, trying out a few types is another way of ensuring that you have the best glove when on the field.

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