Basic Rules in Baseball

If you have recently established a liking for baseball but not too acquainted with the pattern of the game and its other aspects, here are some basic rules of the game. Surely, it takes time to get a grip over all the rules but knowing a little about the basic aspects associated with baseball is good enough to get involved into the game. Most enthusiasts have learned it this way, so it is bound to work for anyone. Right from knowing what bat to use to some specific techniques, you can know it all in this article.

Why Know the Rules


Whether you intend to play the game yourself or simply watch it, you need to get a glimpse of the basic rules at least. This becomes the foundation to understanding the game better and if you wish to play it, you could use these basic tips, and eventually it becomes a means to help you become a pro at it. Though it is the national game of USA, baseball is popular in other countries too. So for the young enthusiasts of the game, following paragraphs can be of great help to you.


No matter what sport you love to play, if it is played on outdoors, its field knowledge is very important. In a baseball field, you get two subdivisions, one is the outfield and the second is infield. Diamond shape on the field is most important aspect of the game, which comes with pitcher mound, 3 bases and a home plate. The numbering on these bases is done on anti-clockwise fashion. Long white lines are used for bordering the ground, which is done in most sports. The mound is slightly elevated than the ground.

What You Need to Play With

When it comes to primary baseball equipment, you work with 3 constituents. It is the gloves, bat and of course the baseball bat.


Gloves or mitt as it is popularly known as, it is made of padded leather and works wonders to give the player the much-needed grip to hold the bat and field. There is a webbing like thing between the fingers of the glove. This helps in holding the ball, latching onto it and getting a good grip of the ball, when even thrown from a farther distance and with great speed, helps even when you are throwing a cutter in baseball.


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A baseball bat as we all known is a round stick like structure, comes in alloy metal or wood, chosen based on preference. The diameter is around 2.5 inches or 6.6 cm so to speak. There have been many revolutionary changes made to the baseball bat especially in regards with its diameter. You can opt for any size based on the requirements, i.e. adults or kids. Also, you need to feel the handle before you buy, because comfort on it is most important.


Circumference of the ball is around 9 inches and it fits well through the size of most adult fists. It is a bit rubbery and wounded with yarn and on top of it comes a white cow hide with red stiches.

Game In General

The concept of baseball includes 9 inches. Every inning is divided into half until the top innings are played. In top innings, the visiting team goes for the hits first and the home defends and vice versa for the bottom part of the innings.

Offense and Defense

Every team comes on the field with 9 players and they go with the prescribed or stated order. Once the ball is hit, the player needs to run to the first base and cover other bases based on how far the ball has been hit. This game comes with 3 strikes, if 4 balls go unpitched in succession then the batter moves to first base. One run is complete when they run through the entire diamond. And when the ball is hit above the territory, then it is a home run.


These are the few basics associated with the game, for someone with no knowledge about the game to knowing basics can make a great deal of difference. With the basics right, for future reference and understanding, you can read up on tips on choosing the best BBCOR bat.

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