About Us

Hi guys,

Welcome here. I know that you are here because you are interesting in baseball and are looking for the useful information. And there are nowhere can be better than the site sharing the knowledge from the experienced one. And here we are.

There are a lot of things about base ball that we can not just talk and discuss in one or two days, and also there are some knowledge especially about skills, you have to experience by yourself to understand but not just listen or read about, so the first words I want to tell all of you is that you should try and test them by yourself to check if it suitable with you and your other condition or not to figure out the best method for your training.

On this site – baseballdiscuss.com, I want to share with you my experiences during the time I practice and learning to play baseball to help you can solve out your issues which you are looking for the answer. You can find here the posts about tips and tricks to buy the most suitable equipments and support stuff in the market, because you know that the current market is diversity and there are a lot of manufacturers with different model of products. You can get some difficult to classify all of them and choose the suitable one.

You also can find here other information about skills and training methods to help you can train yourself at home. In addition, I have done a lot of product reviews on this site so if you are looking for the new and useful stuff, you can easily find the review here and base on them to pick out what you want

As the professional and experienced  baseball player, I hope that my shares and posts here can help you out to solve your problems.